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The Mining Camp

The Mining Camp is a bit similar to Prison, just here you go mining by yourself! You don't try to escape prison. Your goal here is probably reaching The Emerald Cave which is full of emeralds and can make you rich!

There is many caves, upgrades and pickaxes to unlock!


Pickaxe Enchant Price Special
Wood Pickaxe I Free!
Wood Pickaxe II Efficiency I 25 Coal
Wood Pickaxe III Efficiency II 75 Coal
Wood Pickaxe IV Efficiency III 200 Coal
Wood Pickaxe V Efficiency IV 500 Coal
Stone Pickaxe I Free! Unlocks The Iron Cave
Stone Pickaxe II Efficiency I 100 Iron Ore, 200 Stone
Stone Pickaxe III Efficiency II 500 Iron Ore, 1000 Stone
Stone Pickaxe IV Efficiency III 800 Iron Ore, 1600 Stone
Stone Pickaxe V Efficiency IV 1500 Iron Ore, 3000 Stone
Iron Pickaxe I 500 Iron Ingot Unlocks The Gold Cave
Iron Pickaxe II Efficiency I 1000 Iron Ingot
Iron Pickaxe III Efficiency II 1200 Iron Ingot


Cave Resources How to Unlock
The Coal Cave Coal Ore Join The Mining Camp
The Iron Cave A bit of Coal Ore, Iron Ore Unlock Stone Pickaxe I
The Gold Cave Gold Ore Unlock Iron Pickaxe I

Exp. Drops

Resource XP Amount Chance
Coal Ore 1 XP 50%
Iron Ore 2 XP 50%
Gold Ore 3 XP 50%


Upgrade Effect Price MAX
Double Drop Chance +2% Double drop chance per upgrade +1 Level per upgrade level 50%
Quad Drop Chance +0.1% Quad drop chance per upgrade +1 Level per upgrade level 5%
Instant Replace Chance +2% Instant replace chance per upgrade +1 Level per upgrade level 50%
Rage Mode Chance +0.5% Rage mode chance per upgrade 3 Levels * upgrade level 5%
Double Exp. Chance 2% Double exp. Chance per upgrade Upgrade level * 32 Emeralds 50%


Here you can smelt your ores in to ingots! At the start you have only one smelt time per minute limit, but you can upgrade it! Upgrade cost is 200 * upgrade level Coal and 500 * upgrade level Stone. This upgrade does not have any limit.

Hiring Miners

You can hire miners who mine for you, as long as you are online on the server you will keep getting resources every minute from your miners.(You won't always see action bar with message that you got resources from your miners)


Miner Price Production
Stone Miner 64 Iron Ore * miners amount 2 Stone/min per miner
Coal Miner 150 Coal * miners amout 2 Coal/min per miner
Iron Miner 40 Iron Ingot * miners amount

2 Iron Ore/min per miner

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests has 0.7% chance of spawning after mining ore, it gives random amount of xp, resources and emeralds. It gives resources depending on what ore you mined.