Limework Wikia

Ranks - your place in the server's hierarchy. They may give special perks or abilities. Each of them are gained by different means and each servers different purpose.

Rank Title Job How to get
Default Enjoy playing on the server! Acquired on join.
VIP Enjoy playing on the server with different perks! Donate atleast 5 € to the server.
VIP+ Enjoy playing on the server with more different perks! Donate atleast 14 € to the server.

Info Required

YT Record videos on the server and publish them to youtube. Have decent amount of subscribers, and message any staff member about it. Info Required
Builder Build minigame maps, lobbies, etc. Apply here and be accepted.
Moderator Enforce server rules, help new players, manage bans/mutes, do other jobs. Apply here and be accepted.
Developer Develop new awesome things for the server! Contract Creator or Co-Creator and prove you're trustworthy.
Co-Creator Help Govindas with server management and development. Special unique rank, impossible to get by normal ways.
Creator Develop and manage the server. Unique rank of Govindas.