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Another Friendly Survival key feature is Realistic Water Mechanics. This eliminates infinite water sources, most of automatic farms, and other overpowered stuff.

Main Features

Water now flows to the lowest point (as it should be), utilising vanilla system and using water layers as a base for this creation.

Water Buckets can now store different amounts of water, based on vanilla water levels. [1 - 7]

This can always be seen in the Lore of a Water Bucket.

Water Transport using a hopper and a dispenser with a redstone clock.

Water Transport using Hoppers

Furthermore, is it now possible to transfer water using hoppers! Hoppers will now store and transfer water! Just place a hopper under a water source and hoppers will do their job. Connect a hopper to a dispenser and activate it with redstone to get the water into the real world.


Water from rain now actually appears on the ground! Heavy rains are now able to cause serious floods, so you now have to take care of that problem!

Rain formed puddles on ground!

Water Absorpsion and Evaporation

Rains would have flooded the world if sun couldn't evaporate the water and the ground couldn't absorb it. These two things now have been made in Friendly Survival to balance out the additions!


Realistic Water Mechanics

Mechanic Showcase