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NOTE: Griefing is completely restricted in this gamemode. If any instance of not following this rule will be found, you will be suspended from this gamemode for 90 days!

Friendly Survival - a persistent wipeless gamemode focused on bringing unique and the most friendly experience to the players. This gamemode is modded-like survival, but fully present in vanilla.

Mechanics List

  • Immensive Amount of New Content
  • Gravity System
  • Realistic Water Mechanics
  • Custom Regrowable Trees
  • Friendly Mob Respawn System
  • 9+ Different Dimensions
  • Levelling System
  • Realistic Animal AI
  • Thirst System
  • Weather Events

Modded-like Content

Main Pages: Slimefun Exotic Garden

Essential Mechanics

Thirst System

Thirst GUI

Players now have a similar system to hunger: Thirst! Now you have to drink actual water time to time. You have 10 , as seen in the screenshot.

There are multiple ways to restore thirst.

  • Bathe in water, simultaniously with drinking it. This will restore 1-2 as you move around.
  • Drink water from water bottles. It will restore 3

Custom Dimensions

Custom Dimensional Warp system is present on the server. Unexpectedly, to use it you have to create/find a Dimensional Warp itself.

Crafting Recipe

Dwarp recipe.png


Dwarp gui.png


There exists a total of 10 different dimensions. Every and each of them is absolutely different and has its own features.

Levelling System

Levelling System is split into 3 different branches. These are Hunting, Mining and Farming. Maximum level for all branches is 9.

Weather Events

Custom Trees

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Currently, there are tons of types of Custom Trees. They are split into 4 different types. Info Required

Bridges, Gates & Lifts

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You can create bridges by writing [Bridge] in second line of a sign.(Must be close to full bridge out of cobblestone or similar resource)

You can create gates by placing a sign with [Gates] in second line. (Must be close to full gates out of fence)

You can create lifts by placing signs with [Lift Up] in second line and another sign [Lift Down] above [Lift Up] sign.

Other Features

  • TNT only explodes below Y [31].


  • /tpa <player> - Send a teleport request to a player.
  • /home set - Set your home location.
  • /home - Teleport to your home location.
  • /recipes - View custom recipes.
  • /level - View levelling commands.
  • /group - View group commands.
  • /createshop - Create a trading shop.
  • /lock <line> <nickname> - Add more players to a private sign.
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