Limework Wikia
  • Question: When was this server created?
  • Answer: This server was created on 2015/01/14.
  • Question: What are Emerald icon.png Emeralds used for?
  • Answer: You can use Emerald icon.png Emeralds for buying upgrades, classes or perks for games. Moreover, they could be used to create groups for Friendly Survival.
  • Question: Can you create [Insert Game] game?
  • Answer: It is definetely possible, but high quality of current gamemodes and frequent updates are a priority. More gamemodes require more care about them, which is close to impossible to manage with a small staff team which we have. It is better to polish one minigame to perfection before starting to work on a new one.
  • Question: How do I buy a rank?
  • Answer: Take a look at /vip to see list of perks you get for donating, you can donate using /buy if you have PayPal, if you want to buy with some other payment method, contact staff in-game or in discord or in email.
  • Question: I want to help this server grow, how can I help?
  • Answer: There are multiple ways how you can help, select one or multiple of the ways below, depending on your abilities.

I can help with getting more players.

  • Feel free to make videos about the server, invite your friends or use any other player attraction method, we will be very thankful! But please do not use spam-advertising or other annoying methods.

I can help with building.

I can help with moderating the server.